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Common Grind is a curated, conceptual project and template for coffee shop owners. It was created to help local coffee shop owners and other small food service businesses, by creating a an interactive online experience to foster brand loyalty.



Web Design  


The Challenge

Common Grind is a coffee shop project targeted to millennials in college or living in big cities.

Common Grind targets coffee drinkers who enjoy the aspects of shopping and socializing in a small boutique environment. The challenge of this concept was to create an inviting and interactive user experience, while having the ability to guide customers to their closest location.

The Plan

The goal was to create a website that captured the voice and vision of a small coffee shop; one that a local coffee shop owner could manage, and one that would inspire people to visit their shop regularly.

Wireframing and Structure

  • Template Structure Planning
  • Page Breakdown and Segmenting
  • Industry Analysis
  • User Interface Planning and Design
  • Responsive Web Design Planning

The Results
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"I'm really glad I found this template and purchased it. It's very flexible and easy to customize. I've been able to modify the design to match my shop right away without needing any custom development work."
Common Grind
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Brand Identity


Web Design  

Web Development

BTB Studio had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with June15 Consulting, a Canadian-based boutique consulting firm specializing in sustainable and bespoke solutions for middle-market organizations looking to establish satellite offices in India. The goal of the project was to redesign June15 Consulting's brand identity and create a visually stunning website that would effectively showcase their expertise and attract potential clients.

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