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Curative is a medical billing solution created to manage practice revenue with ease. This solution helps physicians achieve the finances they need to keep their teams going on a daily basis.



Web Design

The Challenge

Medical billing solutions don't need to be boring

The challenge for the Curative website was to create a modern, inviting design without taking away from the professionalism of the medical billing solution service. Many sites in the medical industry are still using somewhat outdated design techniques to make their website appealing. Curative is different because they understood that their core audience would want to see things in a different way.

The Plan

We aimed to create a one-pager design that demonstrated Curative's business model with easy-to-use navigation and a clean interface. One that would appeal to the site's target audience — leaders in the healthcare and medical practice sector.

Wireframing and Structure

  • Page Breakdown and Segmenting
  • Brand Exploration
  • User Flows
  • User Interface Planning
  • Responsive Web Design Planning
The Results
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"Great design, collaboration and communication talent!"
Max Kreadiv
My Curative
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