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Get Waisted is a fitness movement that focuses on body positivity, exercise, and overall health for women of color. At the core of Get Waisted is community-building. They exist to help others build confidence in their own skin, while building an inclusive fitness ecosystem around the waists of women of color.


Logo Design  

Brand Identity

The Challenge

Embodying the concept of fitness inclusivity

The concept behind the Get Waisted brand was to represent the play on words "get wasted" and then take it one step further. The idea and challenge behind this brand was to capture the attention of female customers with an "edgy" concept, while still being fun and creative.

The Plan

The plan for Get Waisted's brand identity was to create a feminine and edgy look for women of color to feel comfortable in their skin and fitness goals.

Brand Identity and Solutions

  • Typography
  • Brand Exploration
  • Mission Exploration
  • Brand Guidelines and Design System

The Results
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"It's all about delivering the right message to your target audience when it comes to branding and identity. We wanted to make sure women could relate to Get Waisted's mission and brand personality. "
Lead Designer
BTB Studio
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