October 20, 2021

5 reasons why you need an SEO copywriter now [2021 Edition]

Are you just launching your first business from the ground up? Have you owned your own business for quite some time now? No matter what category you belong to, having an SEO copywriter is extremely critical to the potential success of your growing business.

Using traditional copywriting techniques to promote your services online just isn’t going to cut it anymore and you’re going to find out exactly why from the key points below!

Let’s dive right in.

What is SEO Copywriting?

The real question is why.

Why can’t I just use traditional copywriting for my business? All copywriting produces the same compelling outcome, right? Unfortunately, that is simply not the case anymore in today’s business landscape.

We have officially shifted into the digital age and everyone is using the vast connections produced by the Internet to promote their businesses. In the past years, only the big name businesses have really capitalized on their ability to attract customers from their online advertisements. Now, the booming creation of numerous small businesses around the world has placed a higher demand on the quality of compelling content that each business produces.

This is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to increase the number of visitors your website receives by creating your content in a way that pushes your site to the top of Google searches.

When consumers are in the market to buy products and services that you sell, you want them to see your site before they see your competitors. Excellent SEO allows you to soar to the top of the search results to get the leads. Then, compelling copywriting hooks your visitors and convinces them to become loyal customers to your brand.

So why do you need a professional SEO copywriter to complete this job? Let’s find out!

1. The Tone of Your Brand Will Never Waver

Maintaining the quality of your brand’s tone is extremely important as you begin to create more content for your website. You are the mastermind behind your business, but there is nothing wrong with having someone else who is also able to capture the tone of your brand in their writing as well.

A great SEO copywriter will be able to continuously capture your brand’s tone while also producing content that people are going to actually see. A professional SEO copywriter will be able to adjust their writing style to fit your brand. This will give you more time to think of your company’s long-term vision while your SEO copywriter is forming your creative thoughts into creative content.

2. You Can Trust Their Keyword Flow

Your SEO copywriter is not only going to be able to write persuasive copy, but they will also be able to complete the proper keyword research you need to make sure your website is adequately optimized. Content optimization is key to maintaining a significant presence online.

The keywords that are most important on Google need to be incorporated into your content a certain number of times for your site to be recognized as relevant information for consumers. These keywords must systematically flow well with the content or you will get blacklisted from Google. Keyword stuffing is a no go!

3. They Fill in the Creative Gaps

Yes, you may love your brand and know exactly what the vision is you have for your company. But if you can’t communicate this well to your target audience, your business is destined to be quite unsuccessful.

To truly gain positive brand awareness, you need more than just expert digital agencies who can handle the technical aspects of incorporating the right amount of SEO copywriting. You need an SEO copywriter to formulate your content in a way that satisfies the technical requirements while also adding a much needed creative flare to your current SEO strategies.

4. Consumers Will Engage with Your Label

Picture this, you have enough technical SEO content to appear as the top search result within the Google search engine. Then, the data analytics you perform show you that people are pogo-sticking off your site because it’s not valuable to them!

You need an SEO copywriter who can write powerful copy that is going to keep every visitor of your site engaged all the way until the end. When it comes to website content, the higher the quality the more likely it is that you will stay number one because you are actually providing consumers with the information they are looking for.

If people don’t find your content useful, they will click off your site and find some else’s. An incredible SEO copywriter will be able to make sure when consumers land on your page, they want to stay there and keep coming back for more!

5. They Transform Dull Facts into Connecting Information

Many people are always on the go and they don’t want to spend any more time than they have to researching any given topic. If they have a problem, they’re going to avidly look up ways to fix it. You want your website to give them the solution they need quickly and efficiently!

Don’t be afraid to be longwinded! The more quality information you have, the better your site will fair against the Google Human Quality Checkers. This doesn’t mean quality SEO copywriting always has to be long.

Some of the most effective copywriting is short and to the point! When you hire a great SEO copywriter, they’ll be able to put content on your site that accurately varies in length depending on the task at hand.

Do You Have an SEO Copywriter Yet?

In today’s online business arena, you need to have highly-ranked and compelling copy for people to notice your business. The competition in this area is becoming more aggressive everyday as new small businesses are emerging from the crowd.

Make your website stand out on Google and in the eyes of consumers by hiring a SEO copywriter who creates content your target audience can relate to. Everyone has a problem they need solved and you want to show them that your website has the solution they’ve been looking for all along!

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